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An American actor widely known for his role as Batman. Adam West’s career as an actor spanned for 63 years. I would be would be right if I said dreams are what make us to be who we are, since Adam became the best actor from the words he said to his father in his days of youth, that he intended to go to Hollywood after school.

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At the time he picked his stage name as Adam West, he had already married and with two kids, a perfect example that nothing or no one can hinder your achievements. All the effort West made, he managed to make a living from personal appearance as Batman. Though, difficulties must come along in a success journey.

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West made every appearance and became a success story. He has been to television shots to animated series to films and so much more. In 2010, a Golden Palm Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Star was dedicated to him. West received the 2,468th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on April 5, 2012. His star is located at 6764 Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Guinness Museum in Hollywood, California.

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In 2013, he was interviewed in a series called Pioneers of Television and also, he was the subject of the documentary, starring Adam West. In 2016, West guest-starred as himself on the 200th episode of The Big Bang Theory. Also in the 17th episode of The Big Bang Theory’s Season 3, Penny happened not to be aware of Adam West and this made Sheldon very furious.


In June 2017, Hollywood suffered a big blow when Adam West passed on in Los Angeles, California, following a brief battle with leukemia. West died at the age of 88. This was a terrible and unexpected loss and he will forever be missed.


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