Tips on Applying Eye Shadow Makeup

There are many ways used to apply eye makeup but basic ones are the same. You will learn the tips needed for applying basic eye shadow makeup. The following are some tips for applying eye shadow;


For the eye shadow to remain in places as long as you want, the application should be done using eye shadow primer or base. The primer is to be applied after the daily foundation or moisturizer application. Then the eye shadow can be swept on the eye lid.




The eye color is to be considered when choosing the eye shadow and makeup. Selecting the right eye shadow will make the eyes to pop up. It is advisable to wear eye shadow that is deep blue when you have brown eyes and bronze or gold for blue eyes. But alternatively, the eye colors can be matched with the eye shadow e.g. brown eye shadow for brown eyes.


To the brow bone-dark, apply only light colors. Brow bone color could make your eyelids to look droopy. The preferred color is neutral or light if you want to wear brow bone eye shadow. Otherwise apply no brow bone eye shadow. Actually, when the illuminator is applied in the right way, it will open up your eyes.


For an eye makeup to be effective, three colors should be used. The base light color is the first color, followed by a contouring color for the eye crease. And lastly we have the main color for your eye lid. Begin with the base color which is light and finish with the main color that is darkest. Apply the base color in the lid as a whole including the brow bone for a perfect eye makeup. The medium color is to be applied on the lid and the main color along the eye lid crease as well as the outer corner of the eyes.

apply makeup


By following the tips, you will definitely achieve the look you desire.

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