Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair

Having normal, oily or dry hair will require you to use essential ways of looking after your hair. Firstly, nutrition is essential for development of shiny healthy hair. Since hair needs nutrients in addition to constant oxygen and blood supply, nutrition must be considered. Deficiency nutrients impact will be noted in terms changes that occur on your nails, skin and hair. Presence of dull dry hair that easily breaks is an indicator of poor nutrition. It is recommendable that one eats proteins 3-5 times per week to obtain the original required texture and color of the hair.



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Minimize or avoid using styling products and conditioners that has silica ingredients since they normally build up on the shafts of your hair resulting to silky-shiny hair. They also lead to increased hair washing needs that dries out the hair, hence poor health hair due to poor management. Additionally, excessive hair strengthening and blow-drying weakens hair shafts damaging the hair. Dry and strengthen your hair less often to make its condition better.

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Go for natural products with coconut oil or beeswax and sugar biopolymer ingredients but don’t use hair sprays. The spray like many other styling products uses synthetic plastics as its holding agent. All the synthetic plastics are petroleum based plastics which despite not damaging the hair, they are unfriendly to the environment and can be absorbed very easily through the scalp. The absorption adds to the toxics in your body. Hair shafts will be moisturized by natural wax products.




Do not wash your hair frequently as it strips protective oils back from your hair and scalp. In case of an itchy or dry scalp, wait for one extra day before you wash your hair to allow for longer protection of the scalp by sebum. At least wash your hair twice per week for normal hair but for oily hair it can be more.

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