The Rise of Music Mogul Adel

Adele is an English singer/songwriter and is one of the greatest performers in the world. She attended the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology, where she had recorded three demo songs for a class project and gave it to her friend who posted it to Myspace where it became successful. She later got contacted by XL recordings and given a contract.


Adele released her first album in 2008 where it was certified platinum a record seven times in the UK and certified platinum three times in the United States.


Her second album 21 was released in the year 2011 where it did well than her previous album earning her numerous awards. She won the six Grammy awards, two brit awards, three American awards and the album was certified platinum a record sixteen times in the UK. The album was certified diamond in the US and sold over 31 million copies worldwide.

Adele was the first woman to have three songs in the billboard hot 100 songs in the top 10 positions and another two albums in the top five bill-board 200. Her album 21, is the longest running number one album by a solo female artist in the UK and US album charts.

Adele's awards
Singer Adele holds her six Grammy Awards at the 54th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California February 12, 2012. Soul singer Adele triumphed in her return to music’s stage on Sunday, scooping up six Grammys and winning every category in which she was nominated including album of the year for “21” and best record with “Rolling In the Deep.”

The following year, Adele released a song she co-wrote named Skyfall, the same as the movie James Bond. The song won numerous awards including a Grammy Award, Academy Award, and a Golden Globe award as well as a Brit Award.


Adele released her third album 25, in 2015 which became the year’s best-selling album and it broke the first week sales record both in the US and the UK. The second album was certified diamond in the US her second, and won her numerous awards including five Grammy awards and four Brit awards. Her single “Hello” was the best selling in the first week as it sold over 1 million copies.

Adele was named one of the most influential people in the word in 2012 and 2016 by Time magazine. She continues travelling the world and making new accomplishments.

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