The Pepino Dulce Fruit

Solanum muricatum is a species of evergreen shrub that traces its origin to South America. It is grown for its sweet edible fruit. This delicate and mild-flavored fruit can be eaten as a fresh snack, or in a salad, together with other fruits.

Pepino Melon grows all over the world now and is very popular in Latin American and in Asia. I bet you can find Pepino Melon at any world market.

The Solanum muricatum (Pepino) has a wide range of health benefits in your body because of the various high nutrients that it carries. These nutrients and essential minerals include Vitamins A, C, K and also B, proteins, plus iron and copper, which are very essential for your body.


Health Benefits of Pepino Fruit:

It helps with liver diseases, lowers blood pressure, helps those that suffer from strokes to heal faster, and promotes cardiovascular health.

Pepinos are one of the most effective organic fruits that can cure diabetes. They are also highly recommended for the treatment of the goiter.


Pepinos help prevent and fight cancer. They also tend to regulate blood sugar levels because of their high fiber content.

Pepino Melon packs anti-inflammatory elements and therefore helps in soothing away your aches and pains.


It has soluble fiber similar to oatmeal, which also helps to lower cholesterol, and it is easy to digest. In addition, the fiber also helps with constipation and tends to sooth away gastric ulcers too!


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