Ancient Methods to Maintain and Improve our Beauty

This is a continuation on more methods of Ancient Beauty Secret that are very useful Until Today. Sugaring Unwanted body hair isn’t something that is exclusive to modern woman. In fact, women have been removing unwanted body hair for thousands of years. The women in ancient Egypt got rid of body hair by using a method […]

Soothe that Sunburn Appropriately

Exposing our skin to sunlight is very important in synthesis of vitamin D but at the same time excessive exposure is unhealthy. Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, measures should be taken to prevent it against damages from the sun. Over exposure to the sun is the main cause of aging-wrinkled […]

How a Men can take Care of their Skin

To some men, skin care subject is quite delicate. Despite this being the case, more men have started to embrace the change to spend time looking after their skin now days. Manly & handsome look is very good for young and old men. When men age, skin care importance become essential. Hazardous men occupation results […]

The Kiwi Fruit

Kiwifruit is a surprising little fruit, and is unlike any other. First, it’s small and light brown in color with a fuzzy skin surface. Inside, the fruit is not only lime green and studded with tiny black seeds in an oval pattern when sliced, but it’s also delicious, rather like the flavor of a strawberry. […]

What are the foods to Eat, to get Rid of My Belly Fat and Detoxify My Liver

Fat is an essential part of our diet and is important for good health. There are different types of fat, with some fats being healthier than others, but let us focus on belly fat. Fat stored under the skin is called subcutaneous fat while fat stored in the abdominal cavity and around your organ is […]

Grapes are Very Important to Our Health. Get to Know How.

Grapes are fruits, which are not only yummy to eat but also good for our health. The fruit popularly known for being used in cooking delectable dishes to being renowned as the primary ingredient in wine making.   Grapes improves the resistance power of the body against infections and diseases. Grapes contain powerful antioxidants known […]

The Best Ways to Prevent and Reduce Wrinkles

This is a continuation of the previous article on wrinkles and how they come up. Please refer back to the article for a clarity regarding this issue. As we earlier discovered how wrinkles are found and the length, they go and make as appear as old as possible. There are more factors that we need […]

My Age My Business: Amazing way to Clear Wrinkles

Ever thought of why we keep our birthday a secret? You probably must be seeking ways to reduce your wrinkles. The most common methods you have tried may have failed maybe from diet to oils and wrinkle filters. Did you know that wrinkles on the face tend to occur because of facial expression? Wrinkles are […]

Here are the Best Fruits to Solve Acne Problems

Acne is a common skin condition that affects most people at some point. It causes spots, oily skin and sometimes skin that’s hot or painful to touch. These fruits can help fight acne. Apples If I classified an apple as a snack would I be wrong? Come to think its benefits. Like most fruits apples contain […]