Proper Makeup Removal

Ladies improve the quality of their skin using makeup but it is quite unfortunate that many of them do not understand proper makeup removal. The appropriate way of removing makeup is not supposed to involve rubbing raw face causing irritation, but It should rather involve gentle removal of any pore cosmetic traces for healthy skin maintenance.



Removal of makeup should be done before you go to bed as it removes both the cosmetic residue and other toxins that have come into contact with your skin during day from your surroundings. Upon makeup remove, it allows regeneration and breathing of your skin. The following steps guide on how to properly remove the makeup will help you to acquire soft, dewy skin with a beautiful complexion especially for your face.


  • Gently pull your hair backwards in ponytail to expose the hairline & the whole face, which could have build up of dead skin or makeup that is supposed to be removed.
  • Use a makeup remover moistened cotton ball to wipe gently around the eyes. Each eye should be wiped using different cotton ball to prevent spread of infection and getting the product in the eyes.
  • For proper cleansing of your face, get a cleanser effective and gentle in oils & dirt removal.

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  • Put small amount of cleanser in your palms & lather your moistened face with it. It should reach at the hairlines and all areas that makeup covered. Ensure the cleanser is applied in the entire face then rinse using lukewarm water and dry it using a clean towel then apply nightly light moisturizer.

Baby wipes should be avoided as they don’t remove the makeup effectively but causes clogging of pores and blemish skin.

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Rewashing your face in the morning is not necessary because sleeping doesn’t get it dirty. Only rinse your face with some lukewarm water in case you wake up with skin oil slight sheen and dry it using clean cloth and reapply the makeup.

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