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Have you been focusing on making sure your hair grows longer than it has always been growing? It will not only demand for your time but also your effort. Do you have that urge of growing your hair very long or perhaps you’ve reached there at the moment but its state doesn’t make you totally happy? It’s going to require your focus beyond hair care alone.

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If you currently have short hair and you want to grow it long, it will demand patience for this to be achieved. The growth of human hair occurs at half an inch (1.25cm) averagely per month but it can vary for different people based on the ethnic background. This slow growth rate could at certain point tempt you to cut your hair off. However, despite the personal hair growth rate being variable, every single follicle will take a distinct pattern and must go through the following three growth stages:

hair phases

  1. Anagen Phase

Where 85% of hairs on the head go through at a certain time, this growth phase lasts for a period of three to five years in average.

2. Catagen Phase

It begins upon ending of the anagen phase. This is the resting phase, which takes approximately 10 days. An approximate 1% of hairs are in this phase now on your head.

3. Telogen Phase

This is the final phase, where the hair falls out. It’s very rare for 80% hairs to be lost on a single day in this phase. The follicle takes a rest of approximately three months after the falling of hairs then new hair will starts from the anagen phase again.

The phases describe the natural growth cycle of hair, which could be interfered by various factors e.g. hormonal imbalance, illness and deficiency of some nutrients. To grow that long hair, work according to the natural hair growth cycle, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

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