Forget The Calories Counting, Just Reduce Sugars

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Sugar is the most common cause of many diseases. What mechanism is there to warrant this danger in the body?
The average person in the US consumes a 140 pounds of sugar in their diet every single year. That does not even count the hidden sugars in the bread, crackers, baby food, waffles, pulses, wine, alcohol etcetera. Sugar is in many foods that we eat.
When this sugar gets into your bloodstream, the body mechanism introduces insulin hormone. Insulin helps keeps your blood sugar level from getting too high (hyperglycemia) or too low. This hormone is made in the Pancreas. The Pancreas has beta cells that make the Insulin.

When we consume too much sugar, that translates to putting too much stress on the beta cell because they constantly find themselves pumping out a lot of Insulin. So over time the receptor that’s supposed to kind of take in the Insulin becomes resistant of it. When that happens, a lot of sugar insulin metabolism occurs in the liver. So it goes in the liver, locks in the liver through receptor that should be creating an effect of lowering of sugar.

In simplicity, this causes Diabetes Type Two. It is a lesser problem than Type One which is more serious. So Diabetes Type Two is simply blood sugar level being too high. Your body is simply trying to reject Insulin by causing the receptor to stop receiving it. In other words Diabetes Type Two is really a receptor problem in the liver.
When this sugar goes up too high, the situation is very dangerous. The sufferer can have a comma, mental cognitive issues, irritation, tired, nerve problems and visual problems. Other complications like belly fat, high cholesterol, high blood pressure etcetera.

Now you are labelled as Diabetics Type Two by the doctor and then they may treat you by prescribing you Metformin. It comes from an herb called Goat’s Rue.

Metformin make the receptor receive Insulin better. It really is forcing your body function to connect. That’s why users get side effects like;

1. When people take too much Metformin they can get a condition called Lactic Acidosis. Lactic acidosis is a medical condition characterized by the build-up of lactate in the body, which results in an excessively low pH. meaning you are getting too much acid in your blood and you are deprived in oxygen.
2. There’s another side effect called Liver failure and Kidney failure.

What’s really very sad it there’s not this connection between what you put in your body that is your diet and the correction of this issue. Instead it’s the labelling and the treatment or the management of the symptoms. It’s not very profitable to the pharmaceutical industry to make this link and have a person stop eating all the sugar. The profit comes in management of the symptom and continue with the diet.

Doctors rarely talk about the insulin-diet connection, instead they insist on portion control. Even the American Diabetes Association at seems to be assigning cause to obesity. That obesity is causing this diabetes. They seem to be telling us that genetic or the environmental factors and obesity is a risk factor. So there’s really no cause effect, it’s only the risk factors.
So get the sugar out of the trunk and spread the word.
Below Dr. Berg explains how much sugar is in the most popular products you consume today and why it is toxic to the body and your health.

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