You want a Healthy and Youthful Look, Watch out on your Diet.

As you age, hair begins to lose its shinny and thick nature, while nails will become thin and brittle. Hormones certainly play a role, but the secret to thick, lustrous, shiny hair and a healthy scalp is in the foods and supplements you take, for healthy, strong nails and young radiant look. Healthy hair, nails and skin […]

A Beautiful Smile Every day. Here are Teeth whitening Tips

Teeth colour darkens with age and upon collection of surface stains overtime. Since most people want bright smile, they are prompt to seek teeth whitening mechanisms. These include- Special toothpaste Special tooth brush Whitening strips and gels Rinsers The above mechanisms will definitely cost you, as they are expensive. Here is a pocket friendly and […]

Fruit Oils

Who actually wants to apply fruits when you could eat them? But for those who seek to use fruit oils…we totally get it…they do smell nice plus there are benefits that come with its application on skin.   Though these oils should be diluted before application. These fruits include: Peach oil  Has great doses of […]

Essential Oils

Essential oils are super popular to the majority for its awesome benefits…but the majority don’t actually know its demerits and its capability to harm their body if used in the wrong way. Okay understand this: Essential oils are not really oils that is why they have to be diluted in oils, because they are actually […]

 Macerated Oils

Well mineral oils as earlier concluded was not a product we all preffered to use all our years! So instead I found a substitute… Say hello to Infused oils,also known as mecerated oils.   The benefits actually depend on you. Guess what? You can actually make it at home using plant materials and oils of […]