A Beautiful Smile Every day. Here are Teeth whitening Tips

Teeth colour darkens with age and upon collection of surface stains overtime.

Since most people want bright smile, they are prompt to seek teeth whitening mechanisms. These include-

  • Special toothpaste
  • Special tooth brush
  • Whitening strips and gels
  • Rinsers

The above mechanisms will definitely cost you, as they are expensive.

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Here is a pocket friendly and equally effective method of teeth whitening. Using a few items that are readily available at home, that will have your smile beaming in no time and no side effects.


  1. Baking powder
  2. Lemon juice
  3. Tooth brush
  4. Sause



Baking soda is composed of a chemical compound that makes it great abrasive to effectively remove any surface stains.

lemon juice

Lemon juice on the other hand contains,

  • Citric acid, which cleanses the mouth. The acid has anti-bacterial properties that help kill bacteria.
  • Vitamin C which helps lighten the teeth


  1. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice onto a bowl. You will need to have a fair amount of lemon juice to begin the procedure.
  2. Add baking soda to the lemon juice in proportionate volumes in the bowl. Keep adding the two ingredients until you achieve a good mix.
  1. Take a toothbrush and start mixing it together until the two ingredients turns into a foamy paste.
  2. Use the paste to brush your teeth. Leave the paste on your teeth not more than 2 minutes as the acid can damage the enamel part of the teeth.



  • Use the paste twice daily for three weeks for a visible whiter smile.
  • Prepare a fresh paste at all time for the best results, for oxidation is likely to take place on the already prepared paste with time.

If effectively done you will have impressive results, and your beautiful smile back.


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